Your growth is our growth
So pay as you grow!

Our beginner plan is entirely free,
until you reach $2000 a month in Net Sales

Understand Your Metrics, Design Your Sets, and Pave Your Path To Success!


UP TO $2,000/ mo

  • $2,000 Net Sales
  • KPI Overview and Drilldowns
  • 24 Hour Data Update Frequency
  • 3 Months History
  • Live Chat Support

Best Value


$95/ mo


  • Up To $10,000 Net Sales
  • KPI Overview and Drilldowns
  • 12 Hour Data Update Frequency
  • 3 Months History
  • Live Chat Support


$149/ mo


  • Up To $20,000 Net Sales
  • KPI Overview and Drilldowns
  • 6 Hour Data Update Frequency
  • 6 Months History
  • Live Chat Support


$289/ mo

  • $20,000 and Above Net sales
  • KPI Overview and Drilldowns
  • 1 Hour Data Update Frequency
  • Unlimited History
  • Premium Support
  • APIs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Kronoseal ?

We created our platform to be intuitive and easy for everyone to use. Just click here and start. And if for any reason you will need more help, our support team will be pleased to assist you.

I am not a data person - How will I understand all these numbers?

We understand that our clients are not analysts. That’s why Kronoseal is designed to be intuitive, and speaks a simple, understandable language. Everything is accompanied with explanations, and don’t forget our support team that is available for any question!

How does Kronoseal help me grow my revenue?

As a business owner, or a marketer, once you understand what your numbers are saying: ROI , conversion rate, etc. You can make the right decisions, and start telling your own success story. Our advanced algorithm analyzes all your data and provides you with the most accurate and essential insights, to help you pinpoint the areas you need to improve and drive your business’ growth.

How do the different pricing plans work ?

Our pricing plans are divided into stages. The first plan is free! You only start paying once you reach monthly Net Sales of $2,000. After that you can decide if you would like to grow to the next plan. Notice that all of the other plans are available to everyone all the time.

Is your starter plan really free ?

Yes! Our model is based entirely upon your success.

Do I need to give you my credit card information to sign up?

Signing up for the Beginner plan does not require your credit card information, until you reach your first $2000.

What payment methods are available?

We accept all payments methods.

PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, Visa etc.

Kronoseal payment method

Can I unsubscribe when I want?

Sure! You can unsubscribe anytime.

Please note that if it happens in the middle of a billing cycle, the plan will continue to be active until the end of the cycle. However, we won’t charge you for the next month.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your current plan from your account settings. Upgrades will happen instantly, during the active billing cycle.

If you choose to downgrade your plan, you are requested to contact us, since with downgrading you might lose access to some of the features, and / or lose some data.

Do I need to purchase hosting?

No. You don’t need to worry about setting up servers or installing software.

Kronoseal is a cloud-based SaaS solution, so all the infrastructure management is on us.

Is API access available?

API access is available only on our Expert plan.

How is Kronoseal different from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you data analysis on events, and is primarily focused on traffic. Kronoseal allows you to integrate not only your Google Analytics data, but also other essential information, including: shop performance or advertising on Facebook etc. Kronoseal provides you with the most accurate performance status, as well as insights and action suggestions, based on broader data gathering. We understand what really matters, and believe that you don’t need to focus on analyzing multiple dashboards, sources or data sheets by yourself. Let us do the hard work for you!

I own an online shop - Will Kronoseal be useful for me?

Absolutely! Kronoseal provides shop owners with the most accurate and essential insights on your shop performance! That way you will be able to improve your strategies and drive your business’ growth

Which eCommerce platforms does Kronoseal integrate with?

Currently We are integrating with Shopify and WooCommerce (by WordPress), but we are always looking forward, and updating our system as we speak, to provide more integrations soon! So stay tuned!

Is Kronoseal good for affiliates ?

If you are an affiliate that runs stores on Shopify or WooCommerce platform, you will find Kronoseal very useful!

With Kronoseal, we make sure you focus on what actually matters. You will be provided with all the metrics and insights you need, in a simple, easy to understand format, to improve your ROI and grow your stores income.

Accurate Data Guaranteed

No more human errors. collect all your data perfectly in one platform.

Expert Customer Support

Our customer support specialists have a deep understanding of marketing fundamentals to help grow your business.

24/7 Notification System

Get real, live updates at anytime on
your KPIs

Friendly User Interface

Don’t get confused with unnecessary windows and analytics, our platform is simple to use and will provide you only relevant metrics you need to make the right decisions

With Kronoseal You Will Be Able To:

Track your important KPIs in one place

Compare different integrations

Understand key insights to grow your business fast

Save time and focus on what really matters

We analyze your metrics & performance and provide insights that lead to profitable actions

Commonly Asked Questions

Our model is simple.
Getting our users results.
We are growing only when our users grow.
This are the most commnly pricing questions our users ask themself as they join in to our community.

How does kronoseal help me profit more ?

What every starter marketer knows, is that once you know your numbers, ROI , conversion etc, you could make decisions far better as you know exactly where you lost money and where you earn.
With our advanced algorithm, we analyze all your data and provide you the exact insights you need to make sure you take decisions that will help you grow.

Does your starter plan is trully free?

Yes ! We grow together. Our model based on your success.
Until you are not making at least 1000$ in sales, you can use all our platforms completely for free.
We are here to make sure you grow and make more profit, as we grow together.

How does the pricing system works ?

Our pricing systems are divided into stages.
First plan is free, once you got to 1000$ profit a month, you will advanced to the next plan, so for and so on.

If you allready make more then 1000$ in sales, you have 14 day free trial to use with every plan you worth.
Once the trial is over, you will be charged based on your current sales.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the plan in your account settings. The upgrade will happen instantly, during the active billing cycle. 


If you choose to downgrade your plan, you can also do that in your account settings, but keep in mind that this action may implicate losing access to some of the features and losing data.

Do I need to put my credit card information to sign up?


Each Plan have 14 days Free trial, no credit card is required.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept all payments methods currently existed.

PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, Visa etc…