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Google Analytics, currently as a platform within the Google Marketing brand, is the most popular and common reporting service. Google Analytics helps you monitoring and generating reports on website traffic. By focusing on quality and functionality, Google Analytics works with a number of funnel-type imaging techniques. This allows customers to retrieve data using various types of reports, summarized in the highest-level dashboards.


Google Analytics is a web analytics service, which imposes standards of business intelligence, that enables a range of prestigious analytics features for both traditional network users and mobile users.

By providing its users with free and effective tools needed, webmasters, marketing executives and data analysts can promote and help their businesses grow more efficiently.

Google Analytics features offer solutions for tracking activity on the site such as: duration of the session, pages per session, exit rate from a landing page, etc.  It also allows  tracking of people using the site, along with information about the source of traffic.

The platform works with tracking codes and cookies. Meaning – once the user starts browsing his site, it allows Google Analytics to collect anonymous customer information, used to examine the actions. 

Google Analytics’ reports feature enables the measurement of your ROI (Return Of Investment) for advertising. In addition it offers a  mobile package with ready-made tracking codes for mobile websites. Another feature offers website and application tracking Flash, video and your social networks. 

Individuals and small businesses can enjoy a free lifetime package, and a flexible pricing plan based on enterprise-specific needs.

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