Affiliate Tracking - Chapter 1: What is it?

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KPIs Dashboards

What is a KPIs Dashboard?

The KPI Dashboard is an imaging tool that takes raw data metrics, and displays key performance indicators (KPIs) using interactive charts and graphs. It is a visual display designed to review and analyze data quickly and in an organized manner. This allows simplifying decision making regarding the various strategies of the business.

KPIs are measures of performance for specific strategic objectives. They do so by enabling, relatively easily, researching the data, extracting actionable insights and thus measuring success, or reaching data-driven decisions that can improve the performance of your business.

Which one?

How will you know whether your dashboard is really effective and good? On the software operation level : The program extracts useful insights from the data collected, filters, organizes and analyzes the relevant keys, and ultimately presents them as part of the business performance story. So all you need to find out is whether it allows you to check the current and most important processes, to make sure everything is running smoothly. But also whether it provides information that allows you to fix issues before they become serious problems and affect performance.

 A good dashboard is one that tells the story of your business, with no subplots, and allows you immediate improvement actions.

Many businesses and platforms boast luxurious, impressive dashboards with a spectacular display, information that pops up and flashes in bright and shiny colors. But, unfortunately, sometimes appearance comes at the expense of data quality.

You can generate enormous data from your business operations and view them all. But is all the data relevant all the time? Will your sales strategy be affected by all existing metrics and all equally? The answer is no.

As we have shown in previous articles, less is more. The key is to find the relevant essense of information that will achieve maximum insights from your data.The more accurate the selection of the KPI, the simpler and more accessible the results and processes will be. 

A great dashboard will not confuse you with the dashing numbers on it. It will be as simple, understandable and allows you to decide on your next steps.

Using AI technologies, Kronoseal enables important business insights that you can easily turn into actions! Try it now

There are lots of dashboard types, depending on every company’s needs.

An eCommerce dashboard, in which we specialize, is a great way to track key performance indicators needed to track data flow, generate insights and decisions for immediate action. The eCommerce dashboard allows you to connect different elements from different channels, and get all the information you have gathered so far, in one clear and accessible place.

If you own an Online Store you are probably using at least one platform or resource to track and analyze your data. We, in Kronoseal, allow you to take all your dashboards, excel sheets and other reports from all your platforms, and display everything on one readable and simple dashboard. But wait, that’s not all! By using AI technology, Kronoseal turns insights into your store narrative, and offers immediate levels of action that will improve achieving your business strategies and contribute to your goals achievement.

We design dashboards for beginners and experts on performance. This way, everyone benefits from a solid starting point, understanding KPIs and getting actionable insights.

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