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Save time.
Collect your data in one place

Kronoseal gives you easy access to your data in a single click!

Comprehensive Metrics Dashboard

Eliminate the hassle of multiple platforms and access your data for all your platforms in one place

Kronoseal is focused on raising your conversions and increasing your profit!

Our algorithm provides essential data analysis to pinpoint areas where you can improve so you can grow your business

Compatible With All Devices

Enter your dashboard on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, so you have your data readily available at all times!

Follow Your Metrics, Increase Your Profit

Kronoseal will provide key insights based on your data for you take informed, profitable actions.

Following your metrics

Kronoseal organizes all your metrics into one, easy-to-use dashboard with comprehensive insights that will help you analyze your performance and increase your revenue.

Compare Platforms

View all your platforms’ data: revenue, conversion rate, AOV, ROI and more, and take the right actions to help your business grow.

Providing Insights

We analyze your metrics & performance and provide insights that lead to profitable actions

Want to Be a Successful Business?

Focus on Your Best and Worst Customers

Excellence Is In Your Metrics

Profitable decisions are made by understanding your data. Collect your metrics, get insights, and take profitable action!

Additional Features

Other features to help you and your business needs

KPI overview

Track your KPI everywhere, at any time

Profit Comparison

Get insights on your well-performing and under-performing channels by analyzing all of your data accurately


Access to Shopify and WooCommerce full integrations, while we are updating our system these days, to provide more integrations soon! Stay tuned!

Technical Support

Our support team is happy to assist you with whatever problems you may encounter while using our platform. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Revenue Tracker

Get up-to-date reports on your earnings by day, month, or year.

Guarding Your Customers' Privacy

Information that Kronoseal will require in order to present data, and / or generate your business reports, will never include personal details of your customers.

Customize Automated Reports

Customize your reports based on the KPIs you need the most, and get a fully automated clear overview of your performance.

Any E-commerce business you run - Kronoseal has got you covered. Every business has its own needs, and we understand that.

That’s why we have made our detailed, automatic reports customizable so you see what you want to see. Get access to your revenue metrics, click percentages, conversion rates and more!
Compare different channels and make decisions based on accurate data leading to more profit.

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