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E-commerce has been evolving and there are countless online stores platforms that are easy, accessible and simple to use and monitor. The tricky part is what to do with all the numbers and reports? How do you generate income that will rise regularly, contribute to the growth of your business and be cost-effective and simple?

Kronoseal is the place to start optimizing your business by turning your data into your success story!

We use advanced AI technology in order to provide you with not only significant insights into the current situation, but also immediate recommendations for courses of action, strategies suggestions, and goals for continued growth.

5-minute integration

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Successful Orders

That went through and payment is processed

New customers

How many new people ordered

Top selling products

Which are the best performing

Real-time revenue

More accurate attribution than Google Analytics

Conversion rates by devices

Learn where your customers are buying from

We tell the story

Of Your Numbers!

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Customer lifetime value

See the revenue your average customer brings

Marketing Performance Insights for Store Owners

Kronoseal automatically provides you with insights on marketing campaign performance, engagement metrics and sales attribution, no manual setup needed.

 Monitor your marketing campaigns, referrals, influencers and coupon codes easily and optimize your marketing spending.

You will know exactly what drives sales for your brand.

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